Reunion Tower in Downtown Dallas

I finally got my wish! What are we saying? I almost always get my wish, but this time, it included riding the DART to Downtown Dallas. Our friends, the Koellikers, were in town, so we hopped on the DART at the Plano/Parker Road station and rode about 35 minutes until we got off at Union Station. We could see the tower, but we couldn't get to the tower. We finally took the stairs toward the Hyatt and made it safely to the base of Reunion tower.


The cost of the tower is a bit steep ($16 for adults), but I enjoyed the view. I like the fact that it so big and open. You can hang out in the middle portion, and then if you're daring enough, you can go outside. I swallowed my fear of heights and stepped outside, although I don't think I once stood near the railing and looked down. We could have spent the whole day up there, if we wanted.


I'd love to go back in the evening with my tripod. I wonder if they allow such a thing?