Liz Tilden


Morris my cat. That's the first photo I ever entered into the county fair. At that time I had no idea what ISO, F-stop or shutter speeds were or how they played together. I just knew I loved the feel of the camera in my hands. Boring trips to K-Mart suddenly became exciting adventures as I'd open the envelope that contained my latest developed photos. It's my hope to transfer a bit of that excitement to you as I present your session proofs for the first time.


I've always had a love for scrapbooks and framed prints, so my passion for photography doesn't stop once the images are transferred to my hard drive. Through a personal proofing sessions, your images will be transformed into works of art that you and your family can proudly display for years to come.


I'm a stay at home mom who has turned her passion into a flexible business. During the weekends, I enjoy engrossing myself in historical fiction books, or catching up on "Sherlock Holmes" episodes with my husband, Mike. Our four kids keep us hopping between sports, music lessons and church activities. I love my Jesus, Diet Coke, stove-top popcorn, Mexican food and any dessert that's ooey-gooey.