Baby Natalie

This sweet little angel would not sleep. At all. Nope. Not happening. So we went with it. And I think we captured a lot of her personality during our session. She was so peaceful in the props. Comfy as could be. But just not comfy enough to fall asleep. If her eyes are closed in any of the photos, it's because I sat there and waited until she blinked. True story! I love that we were able to capture a bit of her spunk, and with three other siblings, she may need a bit of sass. I also love that her mom brought several items knitted by Natalie's grandmother. What a precious angel.

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Lesa's First Texas Recital

Lesa had her first recital in Texas right before Halloween. The kids had the option of dressing in costume, and they played at The Chateau Senior Living center in McKinney. The kids and parents did a great job continuing with the show, despite the ambulance that arrived to take to the hospital a gentleman who had fallen. You never know what to expect during one of these performances. I can remember singing in a nursing home one time while the lady in the front row unbuttoned her blouse and put on a bit of a show of her own. 


Since Lesa has only been taking lessons in Texas for a few weeks, she and another girl played a rather complicated duet. I was proud of Lesa for her willingness to participate so soon after starting lessons back up again. Last night we went through some of my Christmas music, looking for music for Lesa to play. I was pleasantly surprised when she looked at a few pieces and said, "Mom, that looks too easy!" Looking forward to hearing future performances!