McKinney, TX Family and Child Photographer - Digital vs Prints

Tell me...when is the last time you actually printed the photos from your last professional photography session? Or, how about the family pictures you took throughout the last couple of years? I'm guessing most people haven't printed  their photos in a long time. Before you start thinking I'm judging, let me be the first to tell you I have had the best of intentions for years. And yet, ever since I went digital, I have fallen further and further behind in scrapbooking my family's memories. I even thought making digital albums would help me keep up, but it hasn't. I managed to complete an album of our vacation from last summer, but other than that...nothing. 


So many people want their files on disc. And believe me, I get it. I do. But like photographer Lori Nordstrom often asks, what happens when today's CD become tomorrow's cassette tape? It can happen, folks. Many computers today don't even have a place to put a disc. Sure, we can save them to a USB drive, but, I'm guessing they will probably be obsolete in another decade or sooner. That's why the printed image is so important. When done right, by a professional photo lab, they will even outlast us.


Just recently I have finally started printing our family photos for the wall. For all the world to see. And I love it! I love being surrounded by the smiles and silliness of my family. Imagine your walls covered with professional images printed by quality photo labs. There is a big difference between drug store prints and professional photo labs. So, I encourage you to find a photographer who will give you more than just the digital files. Years from now, you will be so thankful you invested in preserving those memories.

McKinney, TX Family and Child Photographer - Brylea

Not only do I get the privilege of watching this sweet little girl during the week, but her parents also allowed me to take her 9 month photos. We chose a lifestyle shoot, to show Brylea in the comfort of her home. I do think she was a bit surprised when I showed up at her door, instead of the other way around. But we quickly began playing in her beautiful room as well as several of her favorite spots in the house, including Mom and Dad's room. We even spent a few minutes at the neighborhood park, since it was one of the warmest days we'd had all week. What a beautiful family, inside and out!