McKinney, TX Family and Child Photographer - Beware of free sandwiches

Beware of those free sandwiches from Chick-fil-A. They may just cost you several hundred dollars.


I thought it was so nice of Chick-fil-A to let us keep the extra spicy chicken sandwich when our order came out wrong. And, the next morning, I thought it was a great idea for Adam to warm it up and take it with him for lunch. Little did I know, though, that he was putting the aluminum foil around it BEFORE he put it in the microwave. A few sparks and a small fire later, my microwave was on its last leg.  The frozen baby food I tried warming took twice as long, and it still had some ice crystals. A bag of popcorn later that day only produced 10 popped kernels, leaving an oily gooey mess in the bottom of the bag. It was time for the hubs and me to head to Lowe's.


The price they quoted us for install was almost the same price as the microwave, so we decided to DIY it. Three trips to Lowe's later, we now have a shiny new microwave. Thanks, Adam. I owe you one.

It's so shiny and new!

The old one will sit idle until we get a double oven. Hey any experiments to try in the oven?