Grandpa's Station

Grandpa's Station, the filling station, gas station, coffee, Shawnee Mission North, Kansas City

What a fun project to work on! It started when my dad wanted to give a photocopy of the Service Award plaque to "The Filling Station" located in what used to be my grandfather's gas station. Since he wasn't ready to give the actual plaque away, and the photo alone was rather bland, I asked Dad to send me some more photos of the station. He sent me the four square ones, which helped complete the look. The top left is my grandpa, Fred Meyer, shoveling snow. I love the next three photos of him and his boys. Clockwise from top right - my dad, Ken; Grandpa with dad in the background; and then my uncles Steve (l) and Bob (r). It seems like a lifetime ago when gas stations were full service (unless you live in Oregon or New Jersey, but that would be a whole other blog post). Later, when my dad had his own service station, I can remember him offering to check their oil or washer fluid. Now I have to pay extra for that when I get my oil changed. 


I had the project framed, and we plan to present it to "The Filling Station" this week. "The Filling Station" is a coffee garage serving breakfast, lunch and snacks. It's a fun atomosphere, with great food! Looking forward to going back.